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  • SPIRIT WEEK: Sophomores come in last place this spirit week.

  • SPIRIT WEEK: Freshmen come in third place this spirit week

  • SPIRIT WEEK: Juniors come in second place this spirit week

  • SPIRIT WEEK: Seniors win first place this spirit week

  • EASTSIDE DODGEBALL TOURNAMENT is TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20th. Make sure to pick up a form in F087 to sign up to compete

Experience the “magic” at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Experience the “magic” at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Gilana Levavi ('14)/ Eastside Opinions Editor
September 3, 2013
Filed under Community, Showcase

Earlier this summer, I visited Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. This site contains indoor spaces covered completely—floor, walls and ceilings—in mosaics, as well as an amazing outdoor mosaic and sculpture garden spanning half a block on South Street. The Magic Gardens are the vision of mosaic mural... Read more »

The clothes you buy help fuel a flawed global system

Gilana Levavi ('14) / Eastside Opinions Editor
July 5, 2013
Filed under Global Commentary, National Opinions, Opinions

Check the labels of the clothing you are wearing. Chances are, few of your clothes were made in the United States. In fact, 98 percent of the clothing purchased in this country was imported from abroad. Much of the clothing we wear is produced in unsafe, inhumane, sweat-shop-like conditions, by underpaid, ove... Read more »

Obama hosts National Conference on Mental Health

Gilana Levavi('14)/ Eastside Opinions Editor
June 16, 2013
Filed under National Opinions, Opinions

On June 3, President Obama held a National Conference on Mental Health.  The purpose of the conference was, as the president put it, to “bring mental illness out of the shadows.” The day-long event brought together health care professionals, faith leaders, veteran advocates, individuals personally... Read more »

The Small and the Big: Exploring Kresson Trail

The Small and the Big: Exploring Kresson Trail

Gilana Levavi('14)/ Eastside Opinions Editor
June 13, 2013
Filed under Community, Opinions

Just behind one of the busiest intersections in Cherry Hill lies a secluded area of woods and trails. A little ways in, the noise of roaring cars fades, and you would truly never know that you are still right in the middle of suburban Cherry Hill. During Memorial Day Weekend, a friend and I explored... Read more »

Harnessing the power of social media in the aftermath of the Boston tragedy

Gilana Levavi ('14)/Eastside Opinions Editor
April 30, 2013
Filed under National Opinions, Opinions

Social media is arguably the most powerful force that has emerged in the last decade. The aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings illustrates this point perhaps more clearly than ever. According to a report from the Pew Research Center, a quarter of Americans got information about the explosions and... Read more »

Art club meets Tuesday, December 13

Gilana Levavi ('14)/Eastside editorial assistant
December 13, 2011
Filed under News/Features

Art Club met today in room F078. About fifteen students attended. Some of the attendees worked on designing holiday cards, to be printed and sold in a charitable fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, while other students worked with clay. One attendee, Monica Handley (’14),... Read more »

Art Club meeting recap

Gilana Levavi ('14)/Eastside editorial assistant
October 4, 2011
Filed under News/Features

Today, October 4, after school, the Art Club met in F087. To begin the meeting, Gaby Rochino (’12) demonstrated how to make an origami paper crane, and club members each created their own crane. Then, several students chose to help prepare for next week’s project by cutting magazine pages into... Read more »

Eye of the tiger: taking strict parents to a whole new level

Gilana Levavi ('14)/Eastside staff
March 25, 2011
Filed under Global Commentary

Three months ago, the phrase “Tiger Mom” did not mean anything to anyone. But since the release of Amy Chua’s Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother in January, the phrase has been the subject of innumerable heated debates. Chua’s memoir tells of her experiences as a “Chinese mother” (aka Tiger Mo... Read more »

Weekend Activities for the weekend of January 28

Gilana Levavi ('14)/Eastside staff
January 27, 2011
Filed under Community

Activities Open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Flower Show Tired of all the winter weather? For a breath of spring air, check out the Flower Show, open this weekend at the Deptford Mall. The show is presented by The Future Farmers of America, an organization that prepares stud... Read more »

Girls rule, boys drool: female heads of state

Gilana Levavi (‘14)/Eastside staff
December 9, 2010
Filed under Global Commentary

Since the beginning of time, women have led in government. Egyptian queens are believed to have ruled since 3000 B.C.E., and the first documented female leader ruled in Mesopotamia around 2500 B.C.E. The newest female governmental leader is Dilma Rousseff, who was elected president of Brazil on October... Read more »

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